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We believe that renovating your home should be a smooth process of planning, construction, and completion. Including open communication throughout the process. To eliminate lost time and lost cash on mistakes or misestimates, it’s essential that the design is nothing less than perfect, and managed well.



We work with our clients on designing the best ideas for your renovation, addition, or demolition jobs. We cater to our clients giving them 100% freedom to choose and design their new spaces.



Our 10 years experience in lighting we provide services for every lighting project - LED, fiber optics, landscape lighting, ambient and decorative lighting.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality and as well as being cost effective. We promise to keep our clients cosy with energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.



We are painting experts with experience in painting stucco, brick, wood siding, vinyl siding, cedar shingles, wood trim and doors. Our success has been built around satisfying the needs of clients looking to complete commercial, industrial, multi-unit strata residential plus complete interior and exterior home painting projects.  



Our team of tilers are certified and work together with the clients to cater to their needs and make sure every corner is finished the way they desire.



Fast and clean is our theme, from start of the demolition, to disposal and clean up we have a strong and capacitated team of workers to create room for your next construction project.

the group

Local Business

Our good reputation have been helping us serve the Greater Vancouver Regional District for over 10 years.

Team Effort

We are a diverse and multicultural group of capacitated individuals and tradesman providing high level finish work.

Customer Oriented

We praise a clear and honest communication channel with our clients, providing exceptional feedback response maintaining great satisfaction rate.

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(604) 445.5553

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